Hail Caesar 28mm Imperial Romans

romans-033-e1512908937233.jpgHail Caesar Imperial RomansI’ve been painting legions of Imperial Romans for the Hail Caesar miniatures war game. These are 28mm miniatures, about the height of a AUD 50c coin.

I have completed a number of units. I think they have turned out alright. Originally I used the transfers for the shields but then reverted to using a base red for the shields and leaving off the shield insignia. In my opinion it helps to achieve that sea of red that I am looking for on the battle field.

Here are some shots. I also have painted up some Praetorians, veterans, auxiliaries, a scorpion and some cavalry. Photos of these to come, although you can see the Pretorians in the rear of this first photo.

These Romans have taken me some time to paint, as I have worked slowly at it over the past few years.

romans-023-e1512908958347.jpgHail Caesar 28mm Imperial Romansromans-043-e1512908922480.jpg
28mm Romans by Duff

Happy modelling.

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