Warhammer Skaven

Being so busy with other parts of my life I haven’t got into the hobby shed lately and so I thought I might post a few photos of some work I did A few years back, when I took some time to paint up a Skaven army from the Warhammer range of miniatures. For those who do not know Warhammer, the Skaven army is an army of rodent creatures (rat men). I had always wanted to paint some of these miniatures, however, I must admit I struggled with these as the detail is so fine. I now have a huge respect for the artists who can paint these miniatures with such perfection. I do not own these miniatures anymore as I do not play the game, and so I sold them a while back, but thought I would share my efforts.

Warhammer Skaven Army
Warhammer Skaven Army

Happy modelling.

3 thoughts on “Warhammer Skaven”

    1. Thank you very much Game of Travel. I enjoy painting miniatures but find it frustrating trying to achieve the fine detail that some artists, like yourself (yes, I checked out your blog and am now following you on your journey) are able to achieve. I will keep at it. Your comment is encouraging!


      1. oh no – I’m so far from perfection in my painting skills, but thanks for kind words:) and I really like the army you have. It has so consistent style:) and do not get frustrated , keep working!

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