1941 Willys Street Rod build

Earlier this week I was rummaging about in the garage (during a somewhat middling attempt at tidying it), and I happened upon a Revell Goodguys 1941 Willys Street Rod model kit (produced in 2005) that I had purchased a few years back.  Dusting it off, I took it into the train shed and set about constructing the first few stages.

According to Revell, the 1941 Willys is one of the greatest ironies of the automobile industry. A car that was never very popular in its day, and yet nowadays, the little coupe is a fixture at every street rod show across the USA. Thanks to its good looking lightweight body and frame, the Willys has become a classic on the American automotive scene.

Thought I would share a few shots of how my model it is coming along.

View the completed build

 41 Willys undercarriage and engine

Engine assembled on frame and linked to rear axle, with springs, suspension wheels and tyres fitted.

41 Willys Blown V8

Close up of the supercharged V8 motor. Wondering if I should have painted the carburettor aluminium. Fan belts need a coat of matt too. 

41 Willys Street Rod purple coat

Chose purple for the body. May mix it up a bit yet later on. This is four coats of Tamiya TS-37 Lavender.

41 Willys Street Rod body coat

Happy so far with how it is looking. Hope to post again soon on my progress.

Saturday 24 January 2015

Began work on the rod’s interior. I began with a maroon colour, but was not happy with the result, and so switched to a blue. This is the Citadel Ultramarine blue with a semi gloss black.

41 Willys Street Rod blue and black interior

41 Willys Street Rod interior

Citadel Ultramarine Blue and Tamiya Semi Gloss Black Trim.

Sunday 25 January 2015

Work on the interior and the trim is completed, although I may scratch-building a roll cage and some seat belts. I’ll see how I go with time.

41 Willys Street Rod interior and trim

Completed interior. Quite happy with the results, especially the white dials, the chrome stick-shift and chrome accelerator. It was difficult to get closer up shots using my cruddy camera, without the photographs blurring. 

Monday 26 January 2015

Spray painted the second tone for the body work, using a Tamiya Blue Voilet TS-57 – three coats.

41 Willys Street Rod two tone paint job

Bodywork taped up and then the Tamiya Blue Violet applied – showing first coat of three.

41 Willys Street Rod undercoats completed

Two tone ’41 Willy Street Rod – Undercoats applied – Lavender top – Violet Blue bottom.

41 Willys Street Rod undercoats completed

Undercoats applied – Chrome fittings, decals and gloss top coat still to be applied.

Saturday 7 March 2015

Finally got back to the ’41 Willy and gave it a final coat of each colour and then two coats of Tamiya semi-gloss for that shine. The car is all ready now for Chrome fittings and decals. I’m fairly happy with the result. There are a few small areas that could have been done better around the boot line that had to be touched up.

41 Willys Street Rod - Final coat plus semi gloss

Final coat + semi gloss x 2 coats applied – Ready for chrome fittings and decals.

41 Willys Street Rod - Final coat plus semi gloss

View the completed build

Happy modelling,


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